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Entering the Rodent Zone

Rodents have been scampering through my life for many years now. This is a collection of resources for anyone who's ever liked, loathed, or been interested in rodents. There are scientific and artistic offerings as well as information on pets and cute fuzzy pictures.
If you know of any online resources or offline books that I've missed drop me a line. (I will not include any links to the senselessly sadistic things people claim to do to rodents. I will include links to science projects, especially ones that try to be humane.) If you include a description of the book or internet resource you'd like to see mentioned and your real name I may quote you here.

So What's a Rodent?

Like all mammals, rodents are furry, warm blooded animals, that nurse their young. Most rodents are fairly small but the largest can reach over 100 pounds. The most distinctive feature of rodents is their front teeth. All rodents have a pair of constantly growing teeth at the front of their mouths called incisors. They use these teeth to gnaw on things. Scientificly, rodents are members of the Order of Rodentia.


You are visiter number . On the internet no one knows you're a rodent.
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